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Vibes Neck Gaiter

Vibes Neck Gaiter

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Vibes Neck Gaiter

Stay stylish and protected with our Vibes Neck Gaiter. Available in two styles, 1 and 2 layered, these gaiters are perfect for any occasion. The 1 layer style is lightweight and flexible, while the 2 layer style provides extra warmth. Both styles feature a filter pocket and come with a 5 layer PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter (not meant for medical protection). You can also remove the carbon filter and use it as a standard neck gaiter.

The tubular shape of our neck gaiters allows for versatility, as they can be moved up to cover the nose and ears, or pulled down to the neck. Made and printed in London, these gaiters are a must-have accessory for any outfit.

Product Details:

  • 1 Layer Neck Gaiter Sizes:
    • XS / S: 8.66” x 15” (22cm x 38cm)
    • M / L: 9.84” x 17.32” (25cm x 44cm)
    • XL / 2XL: 10.62” x 18.11” (27cm x 46cm)
  • 2 Layer Neck Gaiter Sizes:
    • XS / S: 9.44” x 16.14” (24cm x 41cm)
    • M / L: 10.23” x 17.32” (26cm x 44cm)
    • XL / 2XL: 11” x 18.89” (28cm x 48cm)
  • Slip through pocket for carbon filter
  • Sublimation all over printed product
  • Can cover nose, mouth and ears

Your Vibes Neck Gaiter will be printed with love, securely packed, and shipped with care within 7-10 business days. Please allow for an additional 7-10 business days for delivery (not including weekends). If you need to make any changes to your order, you can cancel within 2 hours for a refund or exchange.

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